Air Force One

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Snuck out of the office after lunch with Windy today to go see Air Force One!

They'd been landing from the north all morning, but the wind changed and all the flights started coming in from the south.  So we went to Tennant Street Fyshwick which afforded an awesome view of the plane in flight.  My brother made it in time to go to Brindabella Business Park.  We thought about going there too, but were too worried about crowded roads and closures, so decided not to fight the masses and stayed where we went.

We had about 3/4 hour to kill before the plane arrived so took photos of planes, flowers, birds, bugs, and helicopters.  And listened to the F/A-18s flying around somewhere way above the clouds.

Qantas Dash 8 400 (VH-QOC)
Windy was listening to the Air Traffic Control on his phone, and we heard the pilots of Air Force One!

Isaac was the first to spot Air Force One in the distance.

Air Force One in Canberra

Air Force One in Canberra Air Force One in Canberra
It got pretty close!

Air Force One in Canberra

Air Force One in Canberra
Air Force One in Canberra

Air Force One in Canberra
It's gonna hit the ground!

Air Force One in Canberra
So yeah.. super awesome!!

We decided to go up to the airport to see it on the ground.  Bit of a mistake.  We timed it badly and had to sit on the Monaro Highway for about fifteen minutes while the motorcade left the airport.  Doh.  Saw it from the Costco car park.  Not a great view but traffic was so bad we decided not to go down to the Brindabella Business Park, and went back to work the long way around via Majura Road.

Air Force One in Canberra
Delta press plane
Nanette and the kids were lucky enough to see the motorcade outside the Hyatt later on while we were stuck in traffic.

I can still hear the jets! :)


Dave2 said:

Wow! Those are some pretty amazing shots!

November 17, 2011 2:48 AM


Missy said:

Great pictures! I'm glad you got to see the plane. I saw a much older Air Force One when I was a little girl and it came to Tulsa, Oklahoma. I remember the event, but not the plane. ;-)

November 17, 2011 5:58 AM


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