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Ten years ago I was a massive fan of Dave2.

Today I still am.


Ten years ago tonight I was meant to be packing for a holiday to Queensland, yet I somehow found time to make up this Lego mosaic.  

Blogography tshirt and lego

It will surprise you all to learn that I haven't actually dismantled that mosaic.  It's still in the spare room.  



Check out the timestamp of that photo! Just then!

So for reasons that I might elaborate on in a couple of days time, I have a bit of sentimental attachment to that mosaic.  I know I really really should make something new, I mean that was the whole reason I bought the mosaic sets to start with.  Maybe one day.  Before I get arthritis and/or die ... 

Incidentally, I'm still wearing that t-shirt too.  Although it's been relegated to winter-only wear, on account of staining from wearing it for so long.  Although I do have another one that I haven't started wearing yet, so I won't be out of Blogography t-shirts for some time yet :)


Dave2 said:

So cool. I remember it well. :-)

May 28, 2015 7:21 AM


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