21. Again.

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Twenty One. Again.

Today I turned twenty one again. Supposedly now I should know the meaning of life, the universe, and everything. Or some such nonsense.

Last weekend when the little brother was here, he asked me about the photos he'd just sent me - photos he'd just had scanned of my 21st birthday. I did actually have the originals of the prints, which I'd scanned a couple of years ago. But it was still fun, and I said it was actually pretty scary how many of the things in the photo I still had. Then he said I should recreate the photo. I laughed, but then had a think about it, and for the most part decided it wouldn't be too hard to do.

So over the past few days I've collected together all that remains of my 21st birthday presents, as well as some of the other things in my room at the time.

Here they are!


21 again

So going through the presents first.

The white doona cover set was from my grandmother. I still have it and still use it with my single bed feather doona in winter.

The house plants and herbs book were from Peter and Tess Iemma. Peter ran a business packing and selling pies out of Loftus Pies (actually he'd bought the business off someone else only a short while prior). I used to work from about 6am to 8am a day a week packing pies for him and he'd go off and deliver them to places. I like the books and still have them, but never really looked at them.

The Magic Eye II book was from Matthew Moore and Margaret Lowe - uni friends. I love the Magic Eye art. Still have it.

Alfie, the cockatoo, was actually a replacement for a cockatoo my dad had at work - the Alphatec mascot. That cockatoo ended up going to Indonesia or somewhere - dad's theory was someone that didn't like him took it and donated it. Anyway so dad replaced it by getting me one for my birthday. This one lived at my parents' place in the entry vestibule til mum sold the house at the end of last year, then he came home with me.

The parents also gave me $300 cash, shown on the back of the card with the roses. Pretty sure I spent this on a camera - a nice Ricoh point and shoot film camera. Unfortunately this camera was stolen, along with my whole backpack, out of Luc's car one time when were rollerblading in Centennial Park. This is why I never ever leave bags in cars. The parents also gave me a skirt, a blouse and a jacket. I think I still have the skirt, if it's the one I'm thinking of, and same with the jacket, but the blouse I gave away before leaving Sydney.

The little brother gave me four 60 minute audio tapes, and two rolls of film. The film I used in the camera. I only ever used some of the tapes. One is still in its wrapper with a message from my brother saying happy 21st - by 1994 I was at the end of my obessive interest in popular music so wasn't taping stuff off the radio much anymore.

The bonsai was from Nana. I loved bonsai (still do) but I was never good at taking care of it, and it didn't survive.

Pictionary was from the Macaulays. One of my favourite games.

The three four hour video tapes were from Uncle Graham and Aunty Kim. They were used for many years. I still have them (although the ones in the new picture might not be the correct ones, as I had quite a few of that brand).

There was a small wooden Asian-style fan from Jacqui Sheldon. Never used it.

The kimono was from Belinda Tang, OS student from Singapore. Kimonos were never really my thing though, so it never got worn. Lost contact with Belinda too which was sad.

The Princess Bride soundtrack was from Fran Simone. Love that soundtrack. Fran also gave me the book of Heart of Darkness, which I was studying in uni at the time. There was also a small photo album that I never used.

The crystal vase was from the Cartans. Beautiful vase, which gets used occasionally (not very often on account of I don't get or pick flowers). The Cartans were always old to me. Now they're in their nineties and still going!

The fan heater was also from Uncle Graham and Aunty Kim. I loved that thing. Unfortunately a bearing died in it, and it stopped, short, never to go again. Finally threw it out just a couple of years ago.

The model 747 was from Hao. I built that and still have it.

The four four hour video tapes were from the Pascoes. Still have those too. Again, might not be the correct ones for the photo.

The pewter picture frame was from Jeremy Lee, a uni friend. Lovely little picture frame, and inspired me to give picture frames to people sometimes when I can't think of anything else to give them.

The cup and saucer had the Lord's prayer on it. It was from grandma as well. But I gave this away with a lot of other small ornament type stuff before I left Sydney. I might have kept it if I'd remembered where I got it.

The small grey box held my "K" necklace. This was from Mrs Hazelton, my sunday school teacher for a while. I've worn that necklace just about every day of my life since.

The black box held a small clock from Chrissie. I had that out until the battery died, and it's been boxed ever since.

The nail clipper was also from Matthew and Margaret. No idea if I've still got that one or not, I've had several over my life.

The ceramic dish/lid, and the Jelly Bellys were from Nicola Draper and Tim Faulkes. I still use the dish - it holds keys. And the Jelly Bellys were thoroughly enjoyed. I lost contact with Nicola too which is sad.

The body shop stuff was from Leanne Ward and Jason Wilson, and Maria Lee - uni friends. I used some of the things in them, but some of the tea tree oil stuff I ended up giving away before I left Sydney.

And finally the pyjamas were used until they fell apart.

In the background of the photo is more fun stuff.

The white desk and big bookshelf I still have, but I wasn't moving them for the photo!

The tapestry I'm still doing. I haven't made much progress in twenty one years. It's at the club, forgot to bring it home last weekend.

The tape rack my brother made in woodwork when he was in year nine or ten. It's been in a box under the house for years, on account of I don't listen to tapes anymore (and it was a bit impractical).

The box on the shelf (in two halves) contained a VHS copy of The Princess Bride, which CEL mailed to me after they admitted there was a fault in the copy I had, and eventually got a remastered version from America and sent me the fixed copy. I still use them for dumping receipts into until they're sorted.

The CD rack I think I gave away. I still have the little pyramid puzzle.

Of all those folders, which held all my uni notes, I only have three left - a green one, a yellow one and an orange one. This is because they were provided by the uni with course material, and were three ringed - which are much more betterer than two ringed, so I kept them. The uni notes were all recycled, and the folders given away before I left Sydney.

Some of those uni books I still have, the others I sold or gave away.

The paint by numbers of the horses I still have. And that batman poster. And the Queen logo. And the fractal.

I still use the handbag sometimes, although my camera bag is my hand bag now.

The little bears were given to me by my first boyfriend. They're cute and all, but probably the only reason I still have them is they fit nicely on the little chair I've had for as long as I can remember.

The CD player/tape deck I got for my 18th birthday. I'd still use it except there's something wrong with the speakers or something - the volume is super soft and can't be turned up. So haven't used it in years. The tennis balls I still have. But the table is long gone.

The bed, along with my brother's, stayed at my parents' place for many years. They were only given away last year when mum sold the house. I was hoping to give away the white desk as well, but they didn't want that. Thirty five years they'd been in the family. The doona with its cover, and the pink pillow, are still in use - they stay out at the club.

And finally. The jumper. Yes, that's the same jumper, which I've been wearing every winter for at least twenty one years.

So there you go. Other than Mum and David, I can't imagine anyone would have bothered to read all this. But I had fun with it anyway!


Lisa said:

how awesome!!!

August 15, 2015 6:34 AM


MUM said:

I loved reading all about your 21st presents. Brought back a few memories.
If it is any consolation, I am still wearing clothes that I have had for years. One yellow jumper for about 43 years. Also a sloppy Joe with kittens on it that was yours ages ago.
Cocky looks like he has scoliosis!
I am sure Sheila would have been delighted that you have worn the necklace she gave you so much.
Love Mum

August 15, 2015 9:23 AM


MUM said:

The little arm chair you received for Christmas 1974 from your grandparents, so you have had it for 41 years.

August 15, 2015 4:28 PM


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