The weekend so far (in pictures)

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Well this was a bit before the weekend. Jake got this way-cool helicopter off ebay and was flying it around the office.


Drove down to Canberra on Wednesday night. Whereapon a little too much wine and champagne was consumed. Oops.

Slept in a bit Thursday morning, then wandered into town. Dropped into Stu's work and met a few of his colleagues, and visited Damien and got this very cute pic of him..


Then we meandered over to the Wig and Pen for beer and lunch with Scotty. Scotty couldn't resist being silly for this pic of the very different beers we ordered.


Had a little rest at Stu's house after that, then wandered back into town, via kangaroos at Weston Park ..


.. to where our cruise boat was waiting..


Damien gave us tickets for this as an engagement present. The whole night was fantabulous. It was such a pleasant atmosphere and the food was great. We even got to see the comet, which I think I was more excited than Stu was hehe. I spotted it first, and everyone else out on deck saw it too.










After we got back to Stu's, Orion was in such a good position I couldn't resist getting out my tripod and taking pics of it. Sorry to Northern Hemisphere readers, it's not my fault he looks this way to us :)


This morning we got up at the crack of dawn to go help Scotty move a fridge, but we could have had another hours sleep by they time they all got organised.

We took photos of bugs while we waited...


And then it was off to help Annie and Stu move house. Except that most stuff had been done when we got there, there was just a few bits and pieces, and all the big furniture stuff, which all the boys did. I mostly just supervised :)

I think this is a good location for their tiger, whatchareckon? :)



kapgar said:

RC helicopters and a smorgasbord of beer?!?! How can you go wrong??

January 26, 2007 11:17 PM


woosang said:

Nice Bug!

January 29, 2007 3:03 PM


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