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This Friday Q topic came out a little late because Dave is in Korea. Although I would have thought he'd have put it up early because Korea is much further ahead in time than Washington :)

FQ1: What is your favorite posession made mostly from wood? Metal? Plastic?
Wood.. gosh that's a hard one. Nothing really stands out. How about my wooden dinosaur skeletons
Metal - my hard drive
Plastic - my lego

FQ2: What is your favorite posession colored mostly red? Blue? Green?
Red - how about my mobile phone.. actually it's only red when I have the red cover on, but I think I got it with a red cover so that'll do
Blue - my car
Green - probably my plants

FQ3: What is your favorite posession looking mostly soft? Sharp? Fragile?
Soft - maybe my doona
Sharp - possibly the knife I used most in the kitchen. Either that or my nail clippers??
Fragile - my sony digital camera

FQ Net Worth: If your nine prized posessions listed above were stolen, what do you estimate the total cost would be to replace them?
gosh... counting up probably close to $14000!

Well that turned out to be a whole lot harder than I thought it would be!


Dave2 said:

Hah! And $13000 of that $14000 is the Lego!! :-)

September 18, 2004 2:47 PM


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