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Mazaika Betta

Found a *very* cool program on Eric Harshbarger's site last night - Mazaika. It's a shareware program that lets you build photomosaics. I've been fiddling with it ever since. I'm trying to figure out which sorts of photos give the best results. It looks like pictures that don't have too much detail work the best. The pic is a section of the betta photo I uploaded the other night. I gave mazaika 11000 photos in my collection (although a decent chunk of those are thumbnails) to index, and am wearing my poor little puta out making mosaics.

Work today sucked. Someone didn't bother to turn the air conditioner on after the holidays, and the place sweltered all day (or at least the first half). Then I got home and it was even hotter, and I just about lost it. I need to be cooool dammit!!

Anyways.. I've uploaded some of the mazaika images I've done to conspiracy.

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