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I really should have done this last night when I saw it. May 16 is such a significant date in the life of Kazza...

20 years ago I . . . was in year 7 at high school

10 years ago I . . . was starting my first job at OzEmail

5 years ago I . . . was happy that my house settled. Five years ago yesterday in fact.

3 years ago I . . . was playing a lot with my new fish tanks and collecting space lego

1 year ago I . . . was reminiscing on other previous May 16ths

So far this year I . . . wonder what I've really acheived, and can't really think of anything

Yesterday I . . . had a bit of a blah day

Today I . . . tried to sleep in a little but didn't on account of being a morning person who can't sleep in

Tomorrow I will . . . go to work, watch some tv

In the next year I will . . . get long service leave

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