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I haven't had the energy to even download today's photos, so here's some of yesterday's...

The first bit of exciting news was the arrival this week of my Blogography package, consisting of t-shirts, a Try Evil cap, and ten (!!) packs of playing cards.

Blogography cards

I've been hanging out for these just to see what the stories were on them!  They're pretty sweet!

Blogography cards

Although the Queens with five o'clock shadows were somewhat disturbing!

Blogography cards

Even the backs of them are beautifully done

Blogography cards

Apparently there were problems with the printing of them so I seem to have a couple of extra packs.  The pack I opened seems ok though.  I have a lifetime supply of playing cards too!  Ten packs for the price of the single pack we got at Frankfurt airport!


Charlie Daniels said:

I got mine too .. how cool are they? :-)

August 19, 2008 1:19 PM


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