Canberra Pics

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Starting with a couple of pics around Lake George.

First some nicely autumning trees..
Lake George

And then a magpie with a terribly American looking background, except for the cyclone fence heh..

The pics I took of Stu's house are in an extended entry..

See alt tags for descriptions..

Lovely wooded front entrance

There's no front yard, there's trees!

Very secluded little front yard, and that's the only lawn in the whole place

The empty sun, er, lounge room

The lounge room from the other direction

Kitchen and family room

The purple room!  This will be the spare room

Nice bathroom

Huge laundry

Outdoor entertaining area

Some more of the back yard

The house from the back yard

The shipping container they moved everything in

The woodfire heater

Stu relaxing for a moment in front of the Simpsons

Stu in the partly setup study

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