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er so where was I? Canberra unpacking... well yes that about sums it up really heh :)

Oh there was a good night at Mishi's, and Damien was there too and we chatted (well they chatted about old times mostly) and ate and eventually we had a game of 500 that Mishi and I lost at, although it was a marathon effort heh, and a game of Scrabble that Damien and I cheated together at the end with which got our scores up, but not enough to win hehe.

And there was the fantastic lamb roast we did last night with baked potatoes and a sweet potato and a whole bulb of garlic (cut in half and roasted). Stu and I both love our garlic, which is rather a good thing ;) We also fired up the wood heater (well Scotty did really), and that warmed up the back half of the house beautifully.

This morning was awfully cold though. Made it hard to get out bed and out the door. But I did, at 6:30, and got to work at 9:50. And a day of catch-up more than anything else.

Tonight I pulled conspiracy apart to find out what was up with it. Turns out the data (photo) drive is dead. Which is a major pain in the rear end. Cause although I do have copies of all the photos, not everything is in the order it was on on the server. And I've lost all my logs :( I do have the apache.conf file which is useful. But now I have to try and find a disk big enough to replace it, and decide if I want to keep running nt4 (shudder) or run something else. I did have another box here I was keeping as a spare which had been up and running before, and thought could run w2k on that, but tonight it wouldn't boot up either (completely black screen). I also had thoughts about running Ubuntu on it, but that also seems like a lot of work. Blah. Anyone got an 8gb disk floating around they'd want to donate to a worthy cause?


trainman said:

You're a loser. :-)

I have a 15GB here that could be called "spare". Wanna come and get it?

May 10, 2006 4:40 PM


kazza said:

Yes I sang a round of "you're a loser" .. I think I got some weird looks tho ;)

I found an 8gb disk from my old computer, will use that.

May 10, 2006 6:23 PM


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