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Went with the sweetie and played Settlers of Catan at the pub with Lauren and Kat tonight.  I haven't played a physical game of Catan in years and years (maybe ten years? maybe more?).  I played it online for a long time at asobrain until during a break from playing they closed off all idle accounts and refuse to open them again or allow any new registrations.  Bastards. :(  I got spoilt playing online with huge boards - the default board is just plain tiny!  Although Kat had a six player expansion which gave us a bit more board space but also an *interesting* rule that you could build during anyone's turn, not just your own.

I had a very frustrating beginning because no fours were rolled the entire first half of the game and I simply couldn't get any wood to build anything.  Managed a couple of cities towards the end, and I think in the end Lauren got 10, I got 8 and Stu and Kat got 7.

Settlers of Catan

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