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Nonsensical answers for the most part. Better late than never.

FQ1: Name one thing you are thankful for that is kind of a silly thing to be thankful about.
Fairy lights
FQ2: Name two things other people seem to be thankful for which you are not.
Blue vein cheese, chili
FQ3: Name three things that don't currently exist which you would be thankful for if they did.
Teleporters, thought operated appliances/remote controls, MacGyver on dvd
FQ UNTHANKFUL: Forget about thanking others, what's something everybody else should be thankful to YOU for?
Not much


Kirk said:

LOL @ MacGyver... it's been a long a long time since I've seen an ep - but I used to watch it religously. I'm sure it would seem pretty lame now (it was a little dodgy even back then)

December 5, 2004 10:15 PM


kazza said:

Yah I'm sure it'd look *totally* lame.. heh :)

December 5, 2004 10:21 PM


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