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The next installment of my quest for ACT dams was Corin Dam.  

Did a bit of a detour to Tharwa, and took some pics of the bridge.

Tharwa Bridge
Also stopped in at Gibralter Falls.  Tried to get down to the bottom to get some pics looking up, but no luck.

Gibralter Falls
Gibralter Falls
So then headed up to the dam.  After seeing pictures like this of the dam, I was really not expecting to see it full!!  Trekked down the bottom to see the spillway, which was epic awesome!! Was very very squee.

Corin Dam depth guage
Corin Dam very full
Corin Dam
Corin Dam overflow
Corin Dam spillway
Red rocks of Corin Dam
Bottom of Corin Dam spillway
Bottom of Corin Dam spillway
Bottom of Corin Dam spillway
On the way back (apart from seeing plenty kangaroos, including one hopping across the road) a young magpie in the middle of the road took off into the path of the car instead of away, and it went splat :(:(:(:(  It made me very sad .. have been emotional all night..  kinda spoilt the rest of the day which was actually pretty good.. *sigh* ...

Kangaroo at Corin Forest


Missy said:

I hit a raccoon late at night once for the same reason. I was upset too. But your pictures are great!

October 18, 2010 9:31 AM


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