Anyone'd think I needed my head examined ;)

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My Brain - really!

I somehow managed to get 4 hours sleep last night, so this morning during work I lay down for an hour and closed my eyes - in the middle of an MRI machine :)

At dinner after ice skating the other week I heard that they were looking for volunteers to do trials in a brand spanking new Philips Intera 3T MRI machine, so I enthusiastically said put me down for it. Late last week they called me up make an appointment for today, so this morning off I trundled.

It was all really rather uneventful. I forgot to bring my own cds with me, so I ended up having to listen to the Forrest Gump soundtrack, which was essentially just 2CH music (boring AM oldies easy listening radio station), with the volume too loud to even try to sleep through it. I wished I'd remembered to take along the Harry Potter soundtrack so I could think about that instead, but I just ended up thinking about nothing in particular so got rather bored.

It turns out my brain is boringly normal. No tumors or unusual features. They gave me a cd of images but I was disappointed that there was nothing bigger than what I've posted here.

I did however forget to take my staff card out of my pocket, so that's wiped, and it was brand new and I hadn't even used the thing - doh!


CC said:

Whoops! staff card gone! Glad your head's ok!

June 23, 2003 11:10 PM


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