Tuesday .. yeah ..

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Probably no better, and maybe even worse than Monday :/

Ok so this is really old news now: Mid July the little brother came down with his German tourist friend Conny in tow (he'd met her a few days earlier on Town Hall steps and they'd been doing the tourist thing with her).  They stayed with us the Saturday night after the booze train run, and Conny did touristy stuff on the Sunday while David worked on the train.  So Sunday night we put on a lamb roast (I mean what else are you going to serve international guests? :) ) and after dinner played some card games.  Monday night we had leftovers and Conny made a tiramisu for us for dessert.  And since there was leftover egg whites, we made meringues as well :)

A year ago today we decided to escape the Japan heat and travel around the Kii peninsula by train.  It took us a lot longer than we thought it would but did get to see a lot of the coast which was really nice, and escaped the heat for most of the day, which was the point!

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