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26 Things from the month of December

I didn't realise when I started this how much work it would be. Also, I've posted next to no pictures this month, so here they are all at once :) Every photo here was taken on my Sony DSC-F828 camera in the month of December 2004.

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My lovely Christmas Tree

An assortment of gifts both for me and from me

The annual family photo, taken by Yvonne

James and George were very thankful for Ralph and me painting their family room

Tis the season for blokes to gather round the barbie

A very cute little Christmas tree that Yvonne got for my parents, although the music it played was somewhat painful

Kinh sleeps at our office Christmas party every year, it's a tradition, and it's tradition for me to photograph it

The dining table looking lovely for our Christmas meal

By day what else do you do? Play cricket of course!

By night, Christmas trees and fairy lights look fantastic

What else do you do on vacation? Build lego of course!

Atop my Christmas tree I have this rather spectacular star light

Anyone that brings Jelly Bellys to a Christmas party has to be showing much generosity

Whenever there's any CIA event, Daniel always steals my camera and takes artistic shots on it

Nothing like kids singing Christmas carols to celebrate the spirit of Christmas

"Honey, I'm just taking the baby on a few errands"

Babes in arms

No longer a stranger, this was Olivia on her second or third day at CIA

George (left) will always make people feel welcome in her home

When you lose cricket balls in drains, sometimes you have to reach to get them

Bad for You
Some would say that taking photos out the windscreen of your car while you're driving is bad for you. This is driving north over Tom Ugly's bridge on the wrong side of the road

I took a heap of photos of John's boat, this was one of the better ones of it at high speed

Do you think my uncle needs protection?

Jodi's dog, JJ, is kinda cute and fluffy

The best way to escape the heat at a Christmas party is to take shelter under a huge oak tree

Picture Perfect
This was the hardest one to choose, because I'd already picked all my favourite photos for the other categories, and nothing really epitomised what makes a photo picture perfect. But this one is pretty cute - a mother dove and her small baby


spunwithtears said:

excellent series! I like the concept behind "bad for you":)

January 3, 2005 1:38 AM


Boegheim said:

Cool gallery, great ideas and interpretations, I love the story with the tradition photo...
my favorites, Light and errand...
PS: I have the same camera... isn't it a great one?

January 9, 2005 6:28 AM


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