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Bit of a slow news day today (the kambrook timer is working well with the fish tank lights, although I've noticed the water has become a bit cloudy, probably due to a bacterial bloom, but from what I've read, no big deal at this stage).. so thought I'd give a plug to my photo server - which I use to dump all my photos so they don't waste space on CIA's system. Events and Fun Stuff usually has the most recent pics.

I still haven't decided on a directory structure for all the files, the current one works ok, but has some problems (eg photos in a directory spanning more than a year will appear out of order). If anyone wants to make some suggestions, post a comment! :)


ding said:

cloudy is good, it should go away on its own and then you're right to go.

i wouldn't bother changing the water for a while.

January 17, 2003 2:39 AM


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