New stuff for the fish tank

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I went to Franklins (actually Food for Less now) today to buy a Kambrook timer, and as luck would have it, they had some nice 30L storage buckets. I bought two buckets - one for dechlorinating water, and the other for when I siphon off water during a water change. I've mostly filled one of them for my first water change, which I'll do in a day or two.

I set the timer to turn the lights on at 11:30am, and off again at 10:30pm. That's a lot of daylight, although my ordinary room lighting didn't seem to have supported a large growth of algae (ie, none) so it should be ok. Hopefully the fish will cope with the long days.. it'll be like summer all year round :)

The plants I planted last night look quite happy, they've straightened themselves up nicely and are heading for the tank lights.

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