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I was tagged by Fiona ten days ago with this, and have only just now gotten around to doing it! (sorry!)

Name 5 things you miss about your childhood:

  1. Big family holidays. We did quite a few cool holidays when I was a kid. The four best were the "flying" holidays - America in 1983, Western Australia in 1984, Central Australia in 1985, Lord Howe and Norfolk Islands in 1987
  2. Good vision. When I was 12 I could read the smallest counter on the VCR from way across the other side of the room. My eyesight started deteriorating after that.
  3. Ability to sleep anywhere. I had no trouble sleeping on the plane to America in 1983. No such luck these days.
  4. Nicky Vasek. My best friend in year 7. Haven't seen her since 1986. She's sent me some emails after reading this blog, but has disappeared into obscurity again when I asked if we could meet up :(
  5. Bluey. My budgie for three years. The only one we had that actually talked.

Gosh, that was harder than I thought it would be. I realised there's not a whole lot from my childhood that I actually miss. Being extremelly shy and introverted I had few friends. There was no internet. I wasn't good at anything in particular, especially not anything that required coordination. I was good at school work, but nobody appreciated that except my parents (and my teachers I guess)

This meme was a tag your friends meme, but as I said in a previous post, I don't *do* that ;)

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