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Didn't really know what I'd take a photo of this week. I guess the biggest clich� in photography are photos of your pets and kids. Not having any kids I went for the former option of pets.

One of my bettas One of my angels

Then I had a look through other Theme Thursday entries and got a few more ideas. Being this late on a Thursday night though didn't give many opportunities for photos, so went with the gift-buyer's clich� of chocolates.

mmm chocolate


Sandra Rocha said:

lol chocolate always works, even in photos ;-)

July 3, 2004 10:34 AM


Luke said:

I did not really get a chance to say good-bye to you in the office the other day.

I really hate saying good-bye's. Hope you will forgive me for that.

Take care and good-bye....

July 6, 2004 12:30 AM


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