Tent go bye byes

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Nearly thirty six years ago while we were travelling in America, we had the tv on in the motel room and on tv was the Muppets Rocky Mountain Holiday with John Denver.  Dad and David and I were watching, and Mum was in the bathroom washing up.

So the Muppets arrive at the campsite and Kermit says "Time to pitch tents", and Animal.. well I'll let you watch it to see.  But Dad and David and I CACKED ourselves laughing at it, and we had to explain to Mum what she missed.  

Anyway I thought of it this morning, and, internet to the rescue!

I saw this clip for the first time in thirty six years tonight.  Fun times!

In other news.. Quiet Sunday just food shopping, and back at work this week.


Sylvia Johnson said:

Thanks for sharing that, I now know what you all found so funny. Ha Ha!

February 28, 2019 8:15 AM


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