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Well ok maybe not quite, but I don't have to go to work tomorrow so it may as well be ;)

Had dinner at Azteca's in Randwick tonight as KinHoong was in town and wanted to catch up with some of his old friends. It was a thoroughly pleasant evening. I had mole palablo (I think!) which was ok but nothing to write home about (just blog about, hehe).

It *rained* today which is great for the city. And the car too, it got a decent soaking. Previous days rain has just rearranged the dirt into little globules, this might have actually washed some of it off.

Anyways I'm gonna crash and enjoy a sleepin.


CC said:

Hehe! I've had enough of rain for now, but yes, it has been good for the car. Ijust hope it stops raining tomorrow!

Lucky you! Sleep in! I just got home from work, two hour's sleep for me then I'm off to church for a music rehearsal for Easter Sunday! Have a good Easter! Don't eat too many Easter eggs, now!


April 18, 2003 8:09 AM


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