Lakeside Village

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I realised I never actually posted a photo of the paint-by-numbers I spent like four months doing!

Here it is!

Paint by numbers - Lakeside Village

Here's the eighteen colours it came with

Paint by numbers paints

And here's the twenty-one extra colours that I had to blend (there were eighteen colours to start with, but the pots were all very large and only the dark brown one was almost finished when I was done - they could have made most of pots smaller and actually provided the extra colours! #grunt)

Paint by numbers extra colours

Somewhat annoyingly, several of the colours were all clumpy, and needed water to thin them out.

Dodgy paint

Also, many of the paints weren't thick enough to be completely opaque - most areas needed at least two coats, which was super super annoying.

So while it was a lovely picture, and the detail was amazing and there weren't any mistakes on the board, I'm not sure I'd buy another set from this brand again.

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