Flight Control

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A big influence for me getting an iPhone was Flight Control.  My brother first showed me this game and I was instantly hooked.  Everytime I was anywhere near anyone with an iPhone I had to play this game.

At work they have a file going on people's top scores.  I used to contribute until I was responsible for poor team morale (it was a different team) by posting my high scores.  

Today I completely shattered one of my own high scores - going from 166 to 460!!

Flight Control 460
I was pretty stoked :):)

But tonight I went online to see what other people around the world have gotten.  It was a little bit freaky.  Like the first video I found that was over 10000.  Or the next one I found that was over 50000 !!!  And finally looked at the Cloudcell scores - some dude got over 80000 on the default airport!  Somehow I don't think I'll get anywhere near that.

Current standings:
Default - 179
Hawaii - 193
Aircraft Carrier - 115
RFDS - 460

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