Fourth Quarter Jigsaws

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This was a jigsaw my brother did and brought up one time.  All that green was a bit annoying (the all the pieces are the same shape - blerf).

Koala jigsaw

This was from our old family collection I think.  It's Mariefred in Sweden.

Mariefred Jigsaw

This was one of David's from Picton I think.  500 pieces, super quick - I think I did it in about an hour and a half.

Train jigsaw

Another one from the old family collection.  Whoever did it last couldn't be bothered separating every piece, so I had to do it :(:(  But I did separate the pieces into "sections" (sky, path, buildings etc) which saved an awful lot of sorting later.

Austria jigsaw

Austria jigsaw

And one Mum won and she did herself (!!! - she never does jigsaws - this one took her weeks).  I did it in about two and a quarter hours :)

Mountain jigsaw

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