Bean Boozled

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OK so this was from February.  Oops.

Darrell Lea had a Jelly Belly special called "Bean Boozled" - kinda like Bertie Bott's Every Flavour Beans.  Eight "regular" flavours, with eight "yukky" flavours with matching colours.  So it was a gamble whether you'd get a good one or a bad one.  Silly thing is, with my disability to be able to pick flavours, half the time I couldn't actually tell which one it actually was!  Mostly the yukky ones weren't actually that bad (still sweet).  Only one I didn't like - rotten eggs, which actually tasted more like sardines.

Dog food (1) vs Chocolate pudding (1)
Centipede (5) vs Strawberry jam (1)
Vomit (1) vs Peach (3)
Mouldy cheese (5) vs Caramel corn (3)
Rotten egg (4) vs Buttered popcorn (0)
Booger (1) vs Juicy pear (2)
Toothpaste (3) vs Berry blue (5)
Baby wipes (2) vs Coconut (3)

Bean Boozled

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