Photo Friday?

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Man I'm tired.  Just need to collapse into bed. But a few photos first.

Pool balls in the sunlight..
Pool balls

Tonight we met up with Nat and Andrew and went to IT in the Pub - pirate night. It was a little freaky lol. But Nat totally pulled off the pirate look :)
Natto the pirate

Then went and had a look at Pablo.. which was even freakier.. heh Pablo

Andrew and Nat went off to see a movie, so Stu and I went for dessert at Koko Black.. Iced Chocolate
The iced chocolate I had was quite good - two scoops of ice cream! But they forgot about me, and Stu had finished his coffee before they brought out my thing. Oh well.

And finally took a quick snap of reflections over the lake on the way back to the car.. Canberra reflections

Sooooo tired!!

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