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As seen at Dave and Neil's yonks ago ...

Do you read blogs off of the list that is linked on your site or do you use a feed reader?
I used to read them off my homepage, but it just got too much, and so many sites don't update daily anyway
If so, what feed reader?
I use FeedReader but tempted to look at Google reader cause I always get so far behind whenever I go away for the weekend.
What about adding people to your feed reader?
I try not to do it too much anymore cause I have enough to deal with. But occasionally if something sparks my interest I'll add them.
What is your policy on adding people to your blogroll?
Most of the blogs in my feedreader are there, except newer ones or ones that I don't really feel part of (don't post often or I'm just a distant lurker)
What about deleting them from your blogroll?
Usually only when they die (the blogs that is :) )
Would you delete them from your reader and not your blogroll?
Not usually. I archive old blogs in feed reader, delete off blogroll.

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