Life - part 4

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Today I finished the fourth quarter of the "Life" jigsaw (but only the third quarter I've done - there's still the third quarter to go).

I might have cheated a bit when it got to all the blue goo.  Place one section on top of another and work off the template below (does make colour matching harder).

Jigsaw cheating

Jigsaw cheating

And so fifty hours later ..

Life jigsaw

I set a timer to limit myself to half hour blocks (otherwise I could just sit there for hours).  The breakdown was:

  • 4.5 hours - sorting the pieces into sections
  • 0.5 hours - edge (three edges on this section)
  • 3.0 hours - planets
  • 6.5 hours - pink sky
  • 4.0 hours - sails
  • 1.0 hours - marlin or whatever that big fish jumping is
  • 4.5 hours - night sky
  • 1.5 hours - boats (the hulls)
  • 5.0 hours - water (the horribly rippling stuff - quite hard)
  • 8.0 hours - coral and fish
  • 11.5 hours - all that horrible blue stuff

Might get some other jigsaws done before finishing it off!

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