February Log Report

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Here's some of the search terms that brought people to my blog in February:

Number, Number of referrals, Percentage of referals, Search term
1 87 43.50% kazza
2 5 2.50% waterfall train disaster
3 3 1.50% csiro sentinal
4 3 1.50% kazza music
5 3 1.50% my kazza
6 3 1.50% photos of canberra
7 2 1.00% avril lavinge wallpaper
8 2 1.00% free top-up codes
9 2 1.00% kambrook
10 2 1.00% kazza cheat
11 2 1.00% kazza children song
12 2 1.00% kazza dvd
13 2 1.00% kazza light
14 2 1.00% kazza little
15 2 1.00% sentinal csiro
16 2 1.00% space lego
17 2 1.00% waterfall tragedy
18 2 1.00% www.kazza
19 2 1.00% www.kazza music.com

(only keywords with two or more search referrals included)

It seems that kazaa losers are still the biggest visitors from search engine referrals *sigh*


meika said:

How do you generate this log ?

I have absolutely no idea how, please let me know

March 11, 2003 11:45 AM


JC said:

Ever considered installing a robots file that will exclude google and other search engines?

March 11, 2003 12:48 PM


kazza said:

But if I did that then they wouldn't index my site at all? I don't mind getting search engine referrals about weird and wonderful stuff, I just wish some people would get a clue :)

March 11, 2003 5:50 PM


kazza said:

Which log?
The blog itself is powered by Moveable Type and anyone can download it from their homepage (although you do need a server to run it on). The logs are generated by Webalizer, and I've just cut and pasted the appropriate parts into the blog

March 11, 2003 5:51 PM


JC said:

I can't really say how exactly a robots file works, I'd think from the way you talked you;d have a MUCH better idea than I do, but about half of my hits are from search engines- at least most are kind enough not to troll or spam. One fine day I'll exclude all but the quizzes, I've had folks think my blog is a commercial website, not just something some shmuck runs from his kitchen.

March 12, 2003 12:08 PM


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