Chickens and Ducks

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Kit has hatched five chickens and a duck over spring.

The five chickens were born in September, and they've all grown up now (well as much as that breed does), and two have been given away.

Chickies a week old

The duck hatched in October.  This was from an egg from her own ducks.  She also tried a whole heap more from someone else at the same time, but they were all duds (apparently the dude left them way too long before giving them to Kit).  The idea was that she'd be able to have a little flock of ducklings, and one could become Christmas dinner.  So the single duckling became known as "Roast".  But she's not sure if she'll eat it, it being the only one and all. 

Duckling two days old

Sweetie and the duckling

Duckling's first swim

Duckling a few weeks old


Sylvia Johnson said:

Roast looks almost too cute to eat, it would be very sad now to know of its demise.

December 7, 2016 9:01 AM


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