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I have this really bad habit of opening tonnes and tonnes of tabs in various browser windows with links from Life Hacker and Boing Boing and blogs and such places.  As well as links that I open and use but then never close.  Of course then my computer starts chugging under the load.. oops...

So thought I'd clear a few out..

There's the eight year old Google search as seen on Blogography a while back.  Eight years ago I was still on the front page of Google for Kazza :)  Apparently this won't be around for very long.

I completely and utterly want one of these for Christmas.  And a licence to fly it.  And a maintenance crew to take care of it.  Ok I'd settle for going in one.  Hell even seeing one in the air would be nice...

I still have Beep Beep open in YouTube, and the lyrics, although these aren't quite correct.. I suppose I could look for more correct ones but that would require effort. 

A useful tutorial I found on crontab when I was looking for the syntax for setting one up.  I've setup to download a snapshot of the Untersberg web cam three times a day to qualitatively see how often the mountain is in cloud.  And see the changing moods of the countryside.  I first saw some fresh snow there in late September, but that quickly melted.  There was a good covering a few days ago but that's melted too.  One of these years I'll get up that mountain - it's one of my missions in life!

Edit: Added The Atlas of the Real World, with pics here and here.

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