What day is it?

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It's Friday but it doesn't really feel like it.  I'm sure I'm going to wake up tomorrow thinking I'm going to have to go to work.

Spent this evening scanning another 67 photos from (mostly) 1991.  Last year of high school, so a few of the last weeks of school.  Lots of memories there.  I tried emailing Chris (Crust) on her last birthday earlier this week but got no response, so no idea if the email address works (I got it a year or so ago) or if she just doesn't like me anymore heh (I'm terrible at keeping contact with people).  Oh crap, that reminds me, I never wrote to Linenoise! Gah!

And also the study camp where I met my first boyfriend Mark, and our high school formal.  

And a few other bits and pieces.  Including some experimental photos my brother took, probably in mid-late 1991, of the stars and other long exposure experiments.

David's experiments with time exposures
David's experiments with time exposures
And a picture of my collection of models in 1992, with considerably less dust on them than they do now..

Karen's models in 1992


David Johnson said:

Those photos are long missing. No negatives for them anywhere. I'd like to get copies if possible.

January 29, 2011 3:32 AM


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