Ten Years

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Ten years ago tonight I met the sweetie for the first time in real life.  It was that meeting that changed the rest of my life.  Had it not been for that meeting I would not be sitting here in Canberra, having just watched through Sherlock, listening to my neighbour's loud music.  I wouldn't be in the job I am now or have a whole stack of friends that I have now.

In short it's been a pretty great ten years.

Kazza, Stu and Aurelius

Aquila saw that picture of the sweetie today and said he hadn't changed a bit.  Neither have I really, although I did point out that I'm a lot fatter now hehe.  And the reason I haven't dismantled the mosaic is that it reminds me of that trip to Queensland where I met the sweetie.


Dermott said:

Ten years huh?

Where on earth is that photo taken??

June 6, 2015 2:07 AM



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