Scanning 1995

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The latest album holds 300 photos (gah!!) so doing it in pieces.

This album (so far) has a trip Hao and I did to an IFES conference in Queensland, 21st birthdays for Chris Pascoe, Nicola and Hao, and some touristy things we did in Melbourne after Hao's birthday.

Firstly, a comparison of Brisbane in 1995 vs 2010 from Southbank.  Few more buildings there now!

Brisbane in 1995
Brisbane in 2010
Then there was the fig tree growing out of the side of a building in Foveaux St, Surry Hills.  In 1995 it looked like this
Foveaux St fig tree
(in 2002 it looked like this)

Melbourne CBD from Rialto Tower

Melbourne in 1995
And Sovereign Hill, Ballarat

Sovereign Hill mine

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