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This little sparrow came up to us yesterday hoping for a handout..

Scrawny sparrow
Stu got this at Cancon.  A word of warning though - these are incredibly "cheap" t-shirts (in quality if not in price - $25!), and this one split open (not even on a seam) after its first wear.

Who's your marder
Some of my Australia Day weekend was spent built making models.

Hence the need for a trip to Fyshwick yesterday to get some paint.

This was what I needed it for:

F-15 Eagle model
Cute huh?  A guy at work got it free at EB games, but wasn't going to build it, so I said I would.  Hope it doesn't get smashed in the office..  Unfortunately it's Revell, which is a "cheap" brand, and badly designed - it's tail-heavy but there's no instructions to weight it down at the front, and by the time you notice after attaching the wheels it's too late :(

And here's something I saw when it first came out in 1990 and regretted for years afterwards not buying at the time.  So a couple of years ago I got one on eBay :)

Batwing model


gunzel412 said:

Can't be as cheap as Russian T shirts. DO NOT WASH!

February 3, 2008 9:58 PM


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