March Jigsaws

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As well as "Life", here's the other jigsaws I completed in March..

Waterfall jigsaw from work
Waterfall jigsaw

Lord of the Rings

Lighthouse, one from my parents from over Christmas
Lighthouse jigsaw

Toybox.  One of the $1 jigsaws from Kmart, the one I raced Nat with
Toybox jigsaw

Hot air balloons from Annie, but the box was split and had had kid involvment so a few pieces missing.  This was 750 pieces, but I completed it in about 3.25 hours - probably the fastest I've ever finished at 750-piece puzzle.
Balloons jigsaw

New York.  One of the horribly cut jigsaws in the same series as the swans and the fish.  The pieces are so similar that I couldn't do the top edge until the rest of the sky was done, and even then there were mistakes that I couldn't fix.
New York jigsaw

This was a $4 1000 piece jigsaw from Kmart.  Very flimsy pieces.
Horses jigsaw

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