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Natto invited me along to the Australian & New Zealand Air Guitar Championships final tonight.

It was fun, but was so loud I had to jam my fingers in my ears for the whole night so as not to do any permanent damage to my hearing.  Note to self: take ear plugs next time!

Natto with the flyers at the front of the club
Natto with the adverts
Natto playing pokies.  She put a dollar coin into three pokies, and won five dollars from this one (which featured Geisha, Miyajima and Shiny)
Natto playing the Geisha pokies
Natto, James and Rachel
Natto, James and Rachel
This dude was my favourite.  A local too.
My favourite of the contestants
The advertised start time was 8pm.  They didn't start til 9pm.  At 9:40 they said they'd have a twenty minute intermission.  It was more like forty minutes.  Plenty of time to do random image zooming.
Playing with light
A line up of the ten contestants (one obscured)
The ten contestants
Might find out next week who actually won...

Edit: my favourite came second.  The dude at the front of the picture won, with the kiwi coming second.

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