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Sony F828 test.jpg

Above is a macro photo taken on a Sony F828. Took a bunch of pics at a couple of camera stores in town to test the quality/features of the camera.

A link that was on JC's site to lots of crappy old games..

Angels laid another bunch of eggs.

I bought a pair of hiking boots.

Any further elaboration before I've eaten dinner would take entirely too much effort.


appended post before I put up my Theme Thursday entry .. just saw this week's ER.. it's certainly turned very political this season. Tonight's stories included the ridiculous cost of health care, and Kovac trying to get the other doctors to just practice medicine rather than ordering tests to cover their asses. That, and a whole spiel on organ donation and its benefits for other people. Two weeks to go before they write out Romano :(:(:(


paul said:

oh, we had that episode a couple of weeks back .... worst thing they could have done.. but I don't know if wantedout or not! he was one of if not the best characters inthe series. An amazing episode all the same! dont forget to set the VCR!

March 13, 2004 10:46 PM


kazza said:

I know .. I *loved* Romano. I think he and Elizabeth should have gotten together.. he's liked her for so long..

March 13, 2004 11:22 PM


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