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FQ1: How have you decorated the walls of your living space (photos, posters, works of art, etc.)?
I used to have all sorts of posters and bits and pieces up on the walls when I lived at home, but it all got put away when I moved. In this room I have a satellite photo of Sydney and that's it.

FQ2: How have you decorated your body, both intentionally (piercings, tattoos, etc.) and unintentionally (wounds, scars, etc.)?
My ears are pierced. Don't have too many scars; a couple of little ones, including those inflicted by a Major Mitchell Cockatoo in 1989 and a blue-tongue lizard a few years later.

FQ3: How have you decorated your computer's "desktop"? Post a snapshot if you want.
I currently have a pic I took of my fish. Was thinking about changing it though, as I've had this one for quite a while. Oh, and my desktop is not usually that neat, except that I moved a stack of it off last night cause the c: drive was nearly full.
Two white angelfish

FQ PROJECT: Decorate your blog today! Create some art with an online Etch-a-Sketch (like the one here) and post a snapshot of your efforts (or, if you're not an Etch-a-Sketch fan, draw us a picture using whatever you want).
I did this a few years ago in photoshop. I was just messing around with filters and came up with something that vaguely looked like it belonged under water. So I started again, this time aiming for a certain effect. It has a combination of a blue screen background, some lighting effects, lens flare, and a ripple filter (glass I think), in that order.
The fun you can have with photoshop

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