FQ TOPIC: Obscurity

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FQ1: Share an obscure movie or show and tell use why we should watch it.
hrm. I have a tendency to like mainstream stuff. Jerry Bruckheimer knows how to appeal to me :) And all my favourite movies aren't exactly obscure. A couple of Aussie ones that may not be well known overseas include Young Einstein and Strictly Ballroom. Great Australian flicks (ok Young Einstein may not have been exactly great, but it was beautifully silly).

FQ2: Share an obscure band or musical talent and tell us why we should listen to it.
Going with an Australian theme, my favourite Australian band of the late eighties was 1927. Pity they don't exist anymore, although I did see an ad recently with Eric Weideman in a where are they now situation.

FQ3: Share an obscure blog or web site and tell use why we should visit it.
How about Kirk's, just because it is relatively new to the blogsphere (and it's Australian :) )

FQ 15 Minutes: There will one day be an event in your life so big that it will drag you out of obscurity and make your name known to the entire world. Speculate on what it will be that brings you your 15 minutes of fame!
I've had my 15 minutes of fame. Closer to 45 in fact. I was on Romper Room in 1979 when I was five, and on Catch Phrase a couple of years ago. I've also been in the newspaper a couple of times.


Dave2 said:

Young Einstein is a classic (and features one of my favorite Icehouse songs!) and Strictly Ballroom was a nice film as well... but you forgot one of my favorite Aussie films of all time... THE DISH. Brilliant, brilliant film... in fact, I need to go add it to MY FQ entry!

November 6, 2004 1:22 AM


Richard said:

Strictly Ballroom is one of my favourite films.

November 6, 2004 9:09 AM


Kirk said:

Hey - look at that, I don't update my blog in five days - and I get a free plug. I better go write something :)

As for movies... For me, Strictly Ballroom falls into that category of Australian movie I can only describe as "inexplicably popular" - I'm afraid I'm not too fond of Aussie movies.

Young Einstein was fun (bit dated now though), but gave us Yahoo Serious - so we paid a high price for it.

An Australian movie I did enjoy was The Bank. See it, if you haven't already!

November 7, 2004 4:16 PM


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