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Neon Tetras

Well today marked the end of daylight savings, so all the clocks in the place need setting back an hour. So far the things I can think of that need changing are:

  • clock radio
  • watch
  • phone
  • pager x2
  • camera
  • kambrook timer on the fish tank lights
  • vcr x2
  • microwave
  • kitchen wall clock

    The computers were quite happy to change themselves.

    I tried to get some more photos of the fish this arvo. As per usual most didn't turn out, but I managed to get a fantastic photo of some of the neon tetras. Unfortunately you can't really see the vivid blue because the flash washes it out, but for once everything was in focus.

    Luc and Liz and the kids came over to look at the fish today also, but the kids were more interested in all the space lego I have lying around.. oh well :)

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