First Quarter Jigsaws

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Quite a busy quarter.

I came across this one that had just been started on the Queen Mary 2 at the beginning of the year.  I stayed and finished the whole thing, with another dude for some of it, before lunch on New Years Day.

Ocean Liners jigsaw

And now for a whole series of jigsaws from the club office cleanout.

This one had fourteen pieces missing.  I'm usually willing to put a note in the jigsaw for future users, but fourteen was a bit excessive so threw it out.

Time to Go jigsaw

A tiny little jigsaw (under 200 pieces) I did very quickly one evening.

Traditional Narrowboats jigsaw

Life on the Farm, another single-evening jigsaw.

Life on a Farm jigsaw

1933 Leyland Fire Engine

1933 Leyland Fire Engine jigsaw

This Goosebumps one glowed in the dark.

Goosebumps jigsaw

But the glow faded very very quickly it was so old.

Goosebumps jigsaw

And then I had my appendix out.  Sitting wasn't too uncomfortable so I could do smaller jigsaws where I didn't have to stand up to lean over to reach pieces.  This also glowed in the dark but I forgot and dismantled it before it got dark.

Unicorn jigsaw

Another few fun little ones.

Sporting Dogs jigsaw

Disney jigsaw

Thomas the Tank Engine jigsaw

Ten days after surgery I was able to face bigger jigsaws again.  Of course I started with a very tough jigsaw.  Annoyingly the pieces were badly cut.  Not only had they not all been separated properly, but the cut was so similar you could have the piece be "correct" on two sides, but still be wrong.  Very frustrating, especially with all the very similar green at the bottom and blue at the top.

Neuschwanstein jigsaw

Struggling on..

Neuschwanstein jigsaw

Finally finally finished.  If it hadn't been so horrible I may have kept it, as I'm still vaguely interested in getting a keeper jigsaw for Neuschwanstein.  Here is also where I started using Office Lens to de-keystone the photos.

Neuschwanstein jigsaw

Egeskov Castle, Denmark

Egeskov Castle Denmark jigsaw

This looks small but is actually huge.  It's labelled as a floor puzzle and each piece is about 10cm square.  It glowed in the dark too but the glow lasted for like a second before completely fading.

Trex jigsaw

A couple now my brother brought over at some point.  The first is a fairly horrible one of the Grand Canyon.  The building and sky were easy enough but the whole lower half is just trees and snow.  Tough going.

Grand Canyon jigsaw

Grand Canyon jigsaw

Grand Canyon jigsaw

And this one of Hautefort Castle, France.  That green was pretty tough.

Hautefort Castle France jigsaw

This one has been downstairs forever.  It may have come from when we cleared out Mum's place.  It's 1500 pieces, and there's a *lot* of blue, so it was looking like it'd be quite tough.

Seafarer jigsaw

Seafarer jigsaw

The water and ship were (relatively) easy.

Seafarer jigsaw

But here's where I started cheating.  The jigsaw had been cut in two, then one side was rotated 180 degrees and then both pieces were cut into 750 pieces.  Meaning identical halves.

Seafarer jigsaw

Which you could literally put on top of each other and then it was a hundred times easier to find the next piece of sky you were looking for.

Seafarer jigsaw

The pieces all had "twins", so once I was done with all the pieces that I could by laying them atop each other, I paired up the pieces, and then only had to "half" the jigsaw.  You'd put the piece in one side, and put its twin in the same place on the other side.

Seafarer jigsaw

And presumably a previous owner had decided all that sky was way too hard and drew blue and red lines all over the sky with pens.  That sure did make pieces easier to find!

Seafarer jigsaw

But they didn't know about the pieces having "twins".  And a couple of times they got it wrong.  See the pieces and far left and right just below and above centre.  They're darker blue here.

Seafarer jigsaw

But lighter blue here.  So they had it wrong before drawing lines all over it.

Seafarer jigsaw

Finally finshed.

Seafarer jigsaw

This one I got from the Green Shed last time I was there.  The box said it had 6 missing pieces.  It actually had 9 missing pieces.

Fairyland jigsaw

And another one from the Green Shed.  The pieces of this were very small, so the whole jigsaw was quite small too.

Playful pandas jigsaw

And that's that for first quarter!


Sylvia Johnson said:

Wow you spent a lot of time on jigsaws!
Saw one for David with Thomas & friends.
I liked Hautefort, Neuschwanstein & Egeskou Castles.
I don't remember seeing the sailing boat one before.

April 7, 2019 3:57 PM


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