Quiz Night Part 1

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Stolen from Richard


piercings = 2, one in each ear
tattoos = 0
height = about 155cm give or take
shoe size = 5-6, depending on the brand
hair colour = blond
eye colour = mostly green
siblings = 1

movie you rented = sheesh I can't remember it's been so long.
movie you bought = Under Siege
song you listened to = dunno, but "hey, roll over dj" is in my head, so it could have been on the radio on the way home
cd you bought = the John Farnham best of
cd you listened to = I don't listen to cds one at a time anymore, they all get mixed up
person you've called = Peter to do the crossword
person that's called you = perhaps the air conditioner dude .. he said "Tuesday" and I said "no, tomorrow!"
tv show you've watched = um.. it's been days.. could have even been Nip Tuck last week
person you were thinking of = Janelle, and whether she saw last weeks Nip Tuck or not
friend you made = How about all the people that read my blog? I still can't fathom how other people can be so interested in my life :)
enemy you made = dunno

you have a crush on someone = several in fact
you wish you could live somewhere else = not really
you think about suicide = sometimes
you believe in online dating = sure
others find you attractive = not often
you want more piercings = nah
you drink = sure
you do drugs = everything you put into your mouth and lungs is a drug of some description, what's the definition? :)
you smoke = no
you like cleaning = as per Richard's answer - depends what. I'm much happier cleaning up other people's messes than my own, go figure
you like roller coasters = oo yes :)
you write in cursive or print = I don't write, I scrawl

food = Roast Pork with crackling and apple sauce, the way mum makes it
song = don't really have one
thing to do = hrm, that's made me think. I like travelling and going to the movies.. and watching fireworks while drunk, now that's nice .. lots of things
thing to talk about = lego, fish
drinks = orange juice, baileys
clothes = jeans and a t-shirt
movies = in no particular order.. Harry Potter, Dragonheart, Hunt for Red October, Titanic, Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade, Princess Bride
singer = don't really have one of those either
holiday = the two usa trips, and Western Australia, Central Australia and Lord Howe Island were awesome

ever cried over a girl = only when they pissed me off
ever cried over a boy = Several
ever lied to someone = I outright lied in Kindergarten about stealing some chalk, and it scarred me for life. I don't (actually I can't rather, it just doesn't work) lie outright, but I may stretch the truth
ever been in a fist fight = no
ever been arrested = no

funny = funny peculiar
hot = yes, but then it's 30C here
friendly = sometimes
amusing = not often
ugly = I'm inwardly ugly. Outwardly average I suppose
loveable = no
caring = sometimes
sweet = pfft
dorky = yeah

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