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When I got home from the video night at Campbell's tonight, I noticed that the moon was very full and that it was right next to Jupiter. I thought that'd make a great photo. Except the tripod was upstairs and I knew once I got upstairs I wouldn't be bothered coming back down. So I whipped out the camera and took a couple of hand-held shots. Funnily enough the first one I took turned out the best.

It was taken at 1/400th second, f/2.8 (or f/2.04, I'm not sure from the exif info), 43.3mm (multiplied by whatever the multiplier is for my camera, nearing 180mm I'd guess?). I took a few others but either the camera moved too much, or was too over exposed, or just not focussed (when I tried it on manual focus at ∞ )

The first image below is what Starry Night says should be visible, then there's my photo.

Starry Night Sony F828


Dave2 said:


Very nice! Starry Night is a great program isn't it?

April 23, 2005 10:40 AM


CC said:

Wow! That's awesome! What a photographer you are!!! =)

April 23, 2005 11:21 PM


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