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Last year (I was shocked that it's been over a year!) I read this article (and others like it) about how you could get your iPhone location data pretty simply out of the backups that iTunes keeps on your computer.  Putting it in the "hey I should do that before I upgrade to 4.3.3 and lose the ability to do it" basket, I put it off for the previously mentioned year.

Today my phone crashed and I was reminded to do this so I can upgrade the OS on it finally.

There's a few utilities out there that will do it.  I tried one that only showed 190 points (out of the 12452 that I have).  Then I tried iPhoneTrackerWin which at least worked.  How cool is this!

But it didn't have any sort of export (apart from a log).

So then I tried nphonetrack which outputs a raw csv and a kml file you can load into Google Earth.

Here's a few more from iPhoneTrackerWin

Canberra.. have ranged all over here!
Visiting Chay and David last year
Jordan didn't rate a mention
Heathrow, Leavesden Studios and Windsor feature in addition to London
Some weird stuff happened in Japan.  Sapporo and central Hokkaido didn't rate a mention, yet there was a stack of stuff around Sendai.  Maybe it transposed some stuff for a while?


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Ooh! Can you see us at the Hard Rock Cafe? :-)

June 28, 2012 12:53 AM


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