Second Quarter Jigsaws

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This jigsaw I started at the club a *long* time ago, but never did it because I really only had the space in the shed.  But there was always little kids around in the shed, so I never got it out.  Then there were a few times where they weren't around, so managed to finish it.  It was very very slow going to start with, but then I did most of the whole second half of it in a couple of hours.

Smarties jigsaw

Smarties jigsaw

Done in two nights

Arc de Triomphe jigsaw

Done on our last trip down the coast

Silly jigsaw

Done while David was staying with us a while back.  Red Rock Crossing, Sedona.  We drove through Sedona in 1983 and saw some of the stuff in the town, but not this.  Had Dad known about it I'm sure we would have gone there (btw, happy birthday dad ..)

Red Rock Crossing, Sedona jigsaw

And another one we did while David was here.  Just the other day I scanned a photo of us standing on that rock in 1984.

Kalbarri jigsaw

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