Coasting Along

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Saturday morning we packed up and joined the rest of Canberra in heading down the coast for the long weekend.

Smiths Gap

I started a jigsaw and other people just chilled and read and programmed etc.



For dinner we went to the Little Restaurant and Bar again for more delicious food.  We couldn't get a seat inside because they were all booked out, but were able to book the outside bench.  But that's cool, cause you know we're Canberrans and all and we're used to the cold.

Little Restaurant and Bar duck

Possum at the coast


Then spa til about 1am.

Sunday we'd been intending to go to the beach, but the sun never came out, so we didn't bother.  Went for two separate walks to the shops (one to hack portals and another get some stuff to make pikelets (C had a craving)).  In between I did jigsaw.

Breakfast eggs


Moth at the coast


Dinner was pizza's from Stevo's (the Sandy Foot cafe had run out of dough! *gasp*).  Oh my, Stevo's pizzas were insane!  Huge, and *heaps* of cheese.  Completely decadent and we mostly all stuffed ourselves silly.  I had one and a half pieces and that was *plenty*!  We ordered three large pizzas, but only ate two of them.  Had a full pizza's worth leftover.

Stevo's Pizza

Then spa til after midnight.

This morning was just eating and packing up and cleaning, then came home.

Battled Sunday night depression, and then lost it when I dropped one of my corningware dishes onto the kitchen floor and it *smashed* :(:(  But then watched a very moving docudrama on Hiroshima on Netflix.  Did my washing, now time for bed.

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