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So my ThinkGeek package arrived today.  


Yes it got here in three and a half days.  So I would have been happier if I'd paid half the postage and had it take twice as long to get here.  hrmmm.

But anyways.

So people got lots of cool stuff.  The Khet game looked like it'd be fun, although a lot smaller than Laserwar.  And the "black light" desk lamp (that was actually just blue I think) looked friggen spectacular in a dark room!

But my toy was the Bucky Balls.  Actually ball-bearing sized magnets that are *extremelly* cool.  I'd seen the video and a guy at work had a set, so I had to get myself some :)

ThinkGeek Bucky Balls
ThinkGeek Bucky Balls
ThinkGeek Bucky Balls
An actual bucky ball!
ThinkGeek Bucky Balls
ThinkGeek Bucky Balls


Fiona said:

Those are awesome.

November 21, 2009 7:55 AM


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