Third Quarter Jigsaws

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Have been doing heaps of jigsaws lately.  Here's some from the last quarter of last year.

This jigsaw had a 4x4 square of pieces that were basically the same shape (very similar, not identical).  So when it got down to the last bit of yellow and green tree, I sorted the pieces into 16 piles.  Then it was just a matter of picking the piece from the right pile and slotting it into place.  Super fast - took about half an hour to do a quarter of the jigsaw!
Flowers jigsaw

Flowers jigsaw

Flowers jigsaw

Jasper jigsaw

Greek town
Greek town jigsaw

Angel jigsaw

The little brother was in town and helped with a chunk of this
Hearst Castle jigsaw

And then he was back again the next weekend and did all of the building in this one
House jigsaw

Some coral
Coral jigsaw

Jelly beans!  This jigsaw cost me a whole dollar in Kmart :)  I set it up at work before Christmas, and all sorts of people came to put in pieces :)
Jelly Belly jigsaw


Geoff said:

Love your jigsaws.
Have been trying to email you but they keep bouncing back to me as undeliverable.

February 1, 2013 2:48 PM


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